David Stillman

U.S. Director of WE

I served in the role of US Director of WE from 2010-2015. I can honestly say it was a career highlight for me. The partnerships that were created with external audiences as well as the culture that was built internally is some of my proudest work. In this role, it was always hard to find others to model strategies after because WE was usually the first to the market. These pioneering activities created opportunities for WE employees that I have never seen offered to others at the same career stage. Millennials went far beyond doing endless tasks for leaders. They helped shape strategies and served in leadership roles to execute on them. These were roles that most Xers and Boomers would have dreamed to have at their age. WE provided one-of-a-kind career opportunities that gave employees an incredible education on the workplace – and even more so, shiny bullets on a resume that they would never have had the opportunity to get elsewhere. WE did more than launch careers, it created them. For employees to have opportunities like this, it takes special leadership. Marc and Craig Kielburger are incredible leaders. I had the honor of working with them as they brought their movement from Canada to the U.S. While it can sometimes be awkward to have bosses younger than you, I can say without a doubt that they were the best leaders I have ever worked for and with. As true visionaries, Marc and Craig had an incredible ability to present the future as something tangible to create today. They were willing to challenge employees to take on larger-than-life assignments while shouldering the risk to have new employees try something. They provided endless opportunities for team members to step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves to take on new skills and tasks.

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