Joanna Lim

Motivational Speaker and Leadership Facilitator, ME to WE

One major impact that I’ve witness through working with WE, was seeing the growth and impact of the pillars in the community of El Trapiche in Nicaragua. I was lucky enough to lead one of the first service trips in that community. During that first trip, I was given a tour of where the “school” was, which was essentially the front porch of a community member’s home. It was so rewarding working with the youth on that first trip, because we were beginning to dig the foundation of what would be the first and only school building in that community. I met a young girl who I had made a strong connection with, but sadly had to say goodbye to. The following year, I was lucky enough to go back to that community, except this time the school was built and that little girl I had met was attending the school! I went back to the community a few more times and it was remarkable to see access to clean water introduced, a second school building and a community garden. On my last trip there, I saw that little girl again, but this time, she wasn’t so little. She was actually part of the local women’s artisan group who make an income selling their jewelry. Seeing how the trajectory of this little girl’s life has changed for the better is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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