Kajal Singla

Program Assistant, Western Canada Office, WE

The opportunity to work with youth is invaluable. I had the chance to work with Canadian youth both in Canada and in Ecuador. It was heartwarming to see how hard these young people that will lead our future work to ensure everyone receives a fair chance. They find a passion that drives them and they unite communities to create a positive change. My role specifically allowed me to help them translate their passions into actions so they could feel good while doing good. Even today, I feel privileged to have met youth striving to make a difference in their local and global communities—one action at a time.

I take pride in the ability to be able to work with youth with diverse passions. WE is an inclusive charity—meaning if a youth approached us but they wanted to fundraise for a different charity or cause, we still supported them and provided them with our WE Schools resources for free. It exposed to me the world of non-profit in a whole new perspective. We often talk about creating community and uniting the world—here is WE, doing that within the charitable community itself; creating connections instead of differentiations between charities. WE truly understands that the goal is to move from me to we, to make doing good, doable

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