Lisa Cranstoun

Director, Operations and Executive Projects, WE

Speaking about the impact on beneficiaries she witnessed while working at WE, Lisa said,

A family that I knew personally prior to working at WE have shared their experiences with each trip they have taken with ME to WE. After their initial trip (Africa), the impact that was made on the mother and daughter was life changing. This family ended up going on the India and then Ecuador trips and the daughter eventually also did the Leadership Training Camp in Arizona. The impact of good that WE has goes deeper than just the villages and countries that they are in. It is instilled in the lives of those that go on the trips.

Describing her experience at WE, Lisa reflecting, Before I even started with the organization, I was struck with the graciousness of one of the co-founders in my interview. During my first meeting, the process was very quick, which is the way the organization runs. I was then awestruck at the passion of each person that worked at the organization. Their drive, their passion, their dedication to their managers, directors, co-workers and executives to execute on the deliverables in front of them was, and continues to be, inspiring. Most importantly, we all know that our hard work and decisions not only affect our lives but school children and communities around the world.

Looking back on what changed during her time at WE, Lisa said,

The Executive Leadership team, in the time I worked there, grew into a strong strategic team. The organization was strategic in their hires and brought on board very strong leaders that came from outside of the not-for-profit industry that made WE and ME to WE stronger. I also saw many more processes put into place to ensure that the work individuals were doing was stronger in its execution and monitored more closely to ensure that the WE brand was upheld with their partners.

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