WE Day is the academy awards of doing good. It’s an event to recognize and honor the incredible service given by youth across North America and the UK—46 million volunteer hours given, 23 million pounds of food collected for local food banks and $119 million raised in support of more than 6,000 causes since 2007.

WE Day is also a platform to share stories that matter with young people. The WE Day stage hosts incredible youth who are passionate about social issues, alongside some of the world’s greatest thought-leaders and activists. Through their stories, youth are introduced to new issues, causes and worthy organizations. WE Day and media organizations help to amplify these important and inspiring stories.

WE Day special sections are published by select local news outlets, with the targeted financial support of specific WE Day sponsors, to provide educational content and celebrate the stories of social impact in a community. News outlets commonly release special section inserts in conjunction with community partners, such as film festivals, music festivals, volunteer weeks, charitable organizations, educational institutions and health causes.

Like many other charitable events, WE offers media organizations the opportunity to sponsor initiatives like WE Day. In these cases, WE works with the business side of the media organization and provides standard sponsorship benefits in exchange for in-kind advertising and/or marketing. Media sponsorship benefits are similar to any partner, and may include: media in short-stage segments sharing educational content, logo recognition as an event sponsor and/or participation as guests of the event.

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WE Day
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