WE Charity exists because of the media

WE was first launched because of a newspaper story published in 1995 by the Toronto Star about the issue of child labor. Since that day, media has continued to play an important role in our learning and helping to amplify our mission.

The organization has grown thanks to the powerful storytelling of media, such as the legendary Ed Bradley with his first 60 Minutes piece about WE Charity, and the recent follow-up by Scott Pelly with 60 Minutes, who dedicated a year to visiting WE Schools and WE Days across North America and to travel globally to the project sites in Africa.

WE wants youth to change the world. And changing the world starts with knowing what’s going on in the world. That’s why WE creates and shares educational and inspiring content – to help teachers, parents and young people learn about important social justice issues, discover the causes that matter most to them, and take action in support of thousands of local and global causes each year like hunger, poverty, access to education, diversity and inclusion, racism and black racism, the environment and sustainability, LGBTQ2IA+, equality, human rights, Black Lives Matter, proactive mental health.

Our media partners are the amplifiers that boost our capacity to educate and inspire, through columns and curriculum development, giving voice to our powerful WE Day speakers and promoting our world-changing campaigns.

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