There’s a simple formula for making a difference: Gift + Issue = Change

The “Gift + Issue = Change” equation is at the heart of our philosophy for changing the world. It has inspired companies and their employees to share their talents to make the world a better place. Have a discussion as an office team—what are your talents? What activities and skills are you proud of? When you combine the issues you care about with the talents that drive you, you can take your volunteerism to the next level.

How to Find Your Cause

Start with these questions to get you thinking:

What are your gifts or talents?

Think about your role at work. What are you paid to do? This is a great place to look first.

Finish the sentence: When I have spare time, I love to…

What issues do you care about and why? Start thinking about specific issues your team could rally around.


Now Put Them Together

Think about what you love to do and discuss how you can use your special gifts to create change. Here are some examples.

MARKETING MASTERMIND Use your creativity to create a clever fundraising campaign for a cause close to your heart.

HR GURU Leverage those interpersonal skills to build office culture. Make it known that your door is always open and be the one who is always there for others.

TALENTED GRAPHIC ARTIST Help design fundraising materials. One idea: send out office greeting cards during the holidays to raise money for a good cause.

WRITING GENIUS Start an office newsletter devoted to social issues or help write fundraising materials.

SALES SAVVY Sell your cause to potential donors, letting them know the importance of your issue and where their hard-earned dollars will go.

COMPUTER EXPERT Get your office fundraising campaign up on the web and make sure to include a donate button.

BORN LEADER Do what you do best and oversee your team’s fundraising campaign.