SELECT YOUR POINT PERSON When you take action as a team, you’ll need a leader to delegate tasks and keep things running smoothly. Select an office point person to be responsible for leading activities and fundraisers and then assign supporting roles.

Are you willing to step up and take the lead? Below is a list of skills and traits you’ll need to be successful in your additional role. If you can tick off at least five of the points below, then you might just be the person for the job!

Passion | Team player | Organized | Fundraising experience | Social | Goal-Oriented | Problem Solver | Communicator | Dedication

Here are some of the responsibilities you’ll have:

Delegating | Contacting charities | Creating fundraising plans and goals | Decision-making | Organizing | Managing



ASSEMBLE YOUR TEAM Now that you’ve selected an office point person, you’re going to want to build your team. While there’s room for everyone to get involved, your leader is going to need three or four reliable co-workers on their executive team to support with larger tasks. Scan your office for:


This is someone who is good at giving and taking direction. They should have strong people skills and a passion for the cause.


Look for someone who is an excellent communicator with impeccable organizational skills. They’ll support with keeping meeting minutes and sending out updates to the rest of your volunteers.


For this one, you might not need to look further than the finance department. Anyone good with numbers should do well in this role.


ORGANIZE YOUR FUNDRAISER With your team now fully assembled, it’s time to start organizing your fundraising event. Here’s what you’ll need to do to set your team up for success:

1 Decide on a cause you want to fundraise for. Animal rights? Education? Cancer research? The possibilities are endless.

2 Research charities or organizations affiliated with your cause and choose the one most aligned with your company’s values. Then, get in contact with them and let them know you want to help.

3 Decide on what kind of fundraiser you want to organize. Will it be a single event like a walkathon or charitable dinner? Or will it be more long—term like a coin drive?

4 Set an exact timeline and a realistic fundraising goal, keeping in mind the resources at your disposal. You’ll also want to consider the number of volunteers you’ll need.

5 Now make it happen – time to get fundraising!

6 After all that hard work fundraising, have your treasurer tally up the total and put together a small office celebration where you can announce the total funds raised.